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In designing a space that would be devoted primarily to the consumption of caviar, Helsinki-based designer Joanna Laajisto was careful to avoid clichés of outré parties, fur coats and blinding bling.
With an ever-growing number of cool cafés, wine bars and shops, Prague's Karlín district is fast becoming a haven for the hip set. Its latest arrival, is Bistro Proti, a cosy corner eatery with a sleek interior inspired by the neighbourhood's most significant historical figure, engineer František Križík.
To be frank, Amsterdam's Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, more informally known as the Royal Tropical Institute, is not the first place you'd think of for a lunch of pulled chicken marinated in hoi-sin and star anise. The stately Dutch Gothic Revival pile was designed by J.J.
It's four o'clock in the morning and Jaime Hayon is still going full speed, sitting on a couch in Cape Town, candidly telling us about the time he tattooed one of the world's top tattoo artists. Had he ever inked somebody before? Nope, and he never did again.